Sunshine and fresh air spark the appetite and Cabonne Country responds with irresistible dishes for every palate. Local produce is featured on the menu and cravings are easily satisfied by restaurants and cafes offering the very best in cooking.

Cabonne offers a variety of dining experiences from fine dining restaurants that serve up elegant culinary delights, to casual restaurants that pile your plate high with delicious home-cooked meals. Cabonne boasts several award winning establishments and lives up to its name as Australia’s Food Basket. With both casual and fine dining, you are bound to find several favorites that will tickle your fancy.

Cabonne's food and wine is showcased at different events during the year and is proving to be the best of quality with many people travelling from far and wide to experince local delights.

Interested in visiting a Cabonne restaurant or turning your family travel into a culinary experience? Plan your weekend getaway by searching for restaurants by using the Cabonne Country Directory.